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Economics Blog Reviews

There are many great economics blogs around the web. Some are driven by really big name economists like Robert Reich, Paul Krugman or Tim Harford, while others focus on a particular niche. It can be surprisingly difficult to find niche economics blogs because of Google's algorithms, unless you have an idea of where to look.

Below are brief reviews of some of the blogs I follow. I have tried to include a couple of blogs you wouldn't normally stumble across.

For those keen on the application of economic ideas to abstract topics


Not being an economics blog in the traditional sense is part of Fitzonomics' charm. Fitzonomics is a cool, well-designed blog written by Rachael Fitz. The subject matter covers economics, and home economics. Fitz's plan is to "help homemakers use economics to make the very best decisions". The focus on homemakers is a unique aspect of Fitz's blog that drives content choices. Fitz writes simply for people who aren't familiar with the complex aspects of economics. Check in to Fitzonomics for articles on small business, globalisation and investing among others.

The Economics Of

I stumbled across this blog on Twitter. As the name implies, The Economics Of written by Courtney Bellish talks about the economics of just about anything. With posts on love, second-hand shopping, space travel, and a variety of other topics, The Economics Of features an impressive array of commentary. The website is simple and beautifully designed for easy navigation. The writing is easy to understand for those without an economics background, and well researched. The Economics Of is a must-read for those interested in the application of economic ideas to abstract topics.

Blog aggregator that summarises posts across the economics blogosphere


EconAcademics is an aggregator service that monitors economics blogs for new content and collates it onto a single page. The site is hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Ok, it's not technically a blog. But EconAcademics does present blog content and is a useful place to go if you are looking for economics posts across a range of blogs. The site is unique in this regard. With content updated every three hours it's a great resource for keeping up to date on what economics bloggers are talking about.

For New Zealand readers

Croaking Cassandra

Croaking Cassandra is one of the top NZ economics blogs with insightful commentary on economic events and data. The name 'Croaking Cassandra' was inspired by the Keynes quote "the croakings of a Cassandra". The blog is chiefly written by Michael Reddell, a long time economist who has worked at the Reserve Bank and as an IMF economic adviser. Reddell's blog contributes to the most relevant economic and policy issues facing NZ. Articles mostly cover public policy, financial regulation and monetary policy.

The Visible Hand in Economics (TVHE)

The Visible Hand in Economics is another institution on the Kiwi economics blog scene. Established in 2007 by four economists, TVHE shares insights on global and NZ-specific economic issues. TVHE discusses the important role government plays in the economy to prevent market failure, while also recognising that free markets are also pretty effective. TVHE provide engaging commentary on a range of topics from working from home to negative interest rates.

A couple of the really big economics blogs

Marginal Revolution

Marginal Revolution is run by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok from George Mason University. MR has been in action since 2003 and is one of the best economics blogs you will find on the web with a phenomenal depth of content. Posts cover a huge range of topics including science, art, health, history and others. Marginal Revolution is incredibly active, sometimes featuring multiple posts each day. The layout is simple and easy to follow. It is a great place to gain a practical understanding of economics.


You may know about Freakonomics more from the books, but it is also an excellent blog featuring a range of abstract applications of economics. Freakonomics in my mind really pioneered and popularised the broad application of economics beyond some of the more wonky, technical topics. In doing so, authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner have made economics a much more interesting topic, for which I am grateful. In addition to the blog and books, Freakonomics is a movie, radio show and podcast.

Happy reading : )


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