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About Byte Size Story


The economy, in a nutshell, is just people and stuff. In the middle is where we get all the arguments. Big questions like, who gets the stuff? And how do we get more stuff? Often dominate economic conversations. Economics is fundamentally about improving welfare with what we have. While economics seeks to solve a simple problem, it's complex given the number of moving parts, variety of opinions and resource constraints. Byte Size Story tries to navigate this complexity.

Each of us interacts with the economy in a variety of different ways every day. Byte Size Story tells a story about these interactions and connects them with the big picture. The blog talks about popular issues using economic ideas, exploring topics such as government intervention, global events and markets. Byte Size Story is primarily an economics blog but inevitably strays into politics and other related issues.


The posts on this blog are just opinions and thought experiments. The blog aims to give a unique take on a topic in 5 minutes or less. The views expressed here are the authors. Byte Size Story is run by Mike, a New Zealand based economist.

Happy reading.

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