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What we blog about


Byte Size Story covers a wide range of topics related to the economy and politics. So pretty much anything goes given that those are broad areas, but specific topics include:

  • Government policy including what government intervention is, appropriate government involvement in the economy and policy options.

  • Market dynamics and structures covering market power, incentives and pricing. Articles talk about the impact on consumers and how companies create market power. 

  • Global economic events that affect the international system. Articles provide commentary on what's happening around the world. Most recently COVID-19 has been a big focus - we give our views on what's happening and provide an economic spin.

  • Economic, social and political challenges encompassing common global issues like efforts to address climate change, challenges for democracies, the rise of social media, work-life balance and inequality.

  • Economic paradigms including what makes an economy 'tick', economic history, and the ideologies that underpin how the economy operates.

  • Technology including the economic impact of new innovations with a particular focus on health.

Kid wants to grow up to be an economist.
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